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Wolfango Studio


I’m passionate about art, architecture, design, lettering, geosciences, and making stuff with my hands. I am the owner of WStudio, a small design studio based in Buckinghamshire, UK. I work on design commissions for economists, scientists, authors, photographers and other creatives.

I trained in art and design in Italy at ‘Liceo Artistico, Cuneo’ and in architecture at ‘Politecnico di Torino’. Before going independent, I worked for various art and design studios in Italy. I am also a dedicated learner and have recently finished an MSc in Earth Science at the Open University.

I take photos of stuff that interest me, every day, and then translate the snapshots on canvas or board with oil paint. I started creating artworks in acrylics but soon discovered that oils are my kind of medium. Their buttery consistency and smoothness feel like sculpting rather than painting. Reworking, shaping and experimenting on the go over dancing clouds modulated by sunlight, or the rhythmic tonality of colours on the landscape, the bodies, the trees, water and sky is a real pleasure with oil paint.

I strive to express my emotions in a harmony of high and low key colours with no hard to grasp conceptual meanings. I paint to remember, to fix a sensation I want to share with you. If any of my freshly painted emotions coincide with yours, please feel free to make it your own and join my ever-growing number of collectors.

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