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Wolfango Studio

WolfangoWolfango is an artist & designer who creates handcrafted physical and digital artworks. Based in the United Kingdom, he established his studio ‘Wolfango Art’ in 1997. He works on design commissions for economists, scientists, authors, photographers and other creatives.

Wolfango trained in art and design in Italy at ‘Liceo Artistico di Cuneo’ and in architecture at ‘Politecnico di Torino’. Before going independent, he worked for various art and design studios in Italy. His dedication to learning more about nature and his eclectic interests earned him a Master’s in Earth Science.

Paintings are memory snapshots perceived and fixed forever by the artist. Dancing clouds modulate sunlight in a rhythm of tonality which affects the landscape, the sky, the human body, the trees, the fields and the water’s reflections.

Wolfango’s emotions are expressed in a harmony of high and low key colourations with no hard to grasp conceptual meanings, he paints to remember, to fix a sensation, to share it with you. If any of Wolfango’s freshly painted emotions coincide with yours, please feel free to make it your own and join his ever-growing worldwide group of collectors.

Wolfango's Signature